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Products with Purpose

The brand a mother of eight can afford. Designed and priced in loving memory of mother-of-eight Valerie Porter, all SixtyFour™ Brand products are high-quality, substantial, consumable items that not only won’t break a budget, but can help you expand one.

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behind the brand

SixtyFour was created as a loving tribute to the life of mother-of-eight Valerie Porter. In this video, learn more about why the brand is called SixtyFour, and how it honors Mrs. Porter’s legacy.


the big surprise

Nothing in this life is more powerful than love. Never forget that when we put our love and focus toward others, we are all inevitably rewarded. Just watch.


a simple, easy way to say thanks

For those in our lives who do the most, we proudly present the products of SixtyFour™. Price. Quality. Purpose. Because you deserve nothing but the best, even when you pay less.

our mission

Sixtyfour™, a brand built with loving purpose for our mother: To honor her life – a life focused on finding substance and quality in people and product over the flash and flare that only an experienced eye could discern. Inspired by her survival instinct as a mother on a tight budget, we bring to you Sixty-four – high-quality products that a mother of 8 can afford.

| Troy, Brandon, Timothy, Damon, Nicolas, Ryan, Nicole and Brett |


Start every day the right way, with this refreshing facial cleanser. Sixty-Four’s unique formula provides superior cleaning without drying out the skin. The cleanser fights visible signs of aging through its garden cress sprout extract and brightens and evens skin tone with its sulfate-free solution. Designed to be mild on skin, this SixtyFour™ Daily Facial Cleanser also contains aloe to create a soothing sensation throughout the hydration process. There’s never been an easier, more accessible way to face the day fresh!

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SixtyFour™ Anti-Aging Eye Cream has been specially formulated to make sure your eyes don’t show your age. This powerful cream is uniquely designed to improve the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles around the eye area and offers a peptide blend for reducing the appearance of puffiness and under-eye bags. It contains hyaluronic acid for intense moisturization without being greasy, and garden cress sprout extract to brighten & even skin tone and help ensure a youthful appearance so stunning that you won’t believe your eyes!

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Fight visible signs of aging and counteract the pollution created from life’s every day environ- mental stresses with this specially formulated anti-aging serum. Its concentrated blend of peptides visibly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles by making the skin look plumper and firmer, while garden cress sprout extract brightens and evens skin tone and hyaluronic acid creates intense moisturization without being greasy. SixtyFour™ Age Defense Serum even includes a uniquely stable form of vitamin C as an incredibly effective antioxidant.

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Keep your skin bright, rich and vibrant all day long with this high-quality moisturizer made from ingredients with renewable sources. SixtyFour™ has combined a group of moisturizers (jojoba esters, cocoate and extracts) that work together with vitamin-enriched antioxidants to keep skin hydrated throughout the day without the heaviness of oils. With Gatuline In-tense for firming and tightening of appearance and garden cress sprout extract to brighten and even skin tone, this moisturizer will fight visible signs of aging and counteract the pollution created from life’s every day environmental stresses.

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This multivitamin and multimineral combo packs a high-potency punch! Filled with all the vitamins and antioxidants you need to get through the day feeling great, but for a price that is a fraction of the cost of competitor vitamins, the Daily Vitamin is the perfect solution for those who are both budget-conscious and health-conscious. So if you’re looking for healthy energy, healthy bones and healthy muscles on a healthy budget, look no further. This is the only supervitamin that is mother of eight certified.

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Why Sixtyfour™?

There are far more than 64 reasons why this brand stands out. Here are a few of the big ones, and a big part of why Brand 64 is Mother of 8 Certified:


You will not find products of this caliber at these prices anywhere else. You will also not find other products of this caliber and at these prices that bring you earnings with every purchase anywhere else.


Just because this brand is affordable does not mean it is cheap. Only the finest quality ingredients are used and the utmost care is put into every product in the 64 Brand line.


This is more than a brand, it’s a movement. When we say this is the brand a mother of eight can afford, we mean it. We believe those in our lives who do the most deserve the best. Every time.


Every aspect of Brand 64 is crafted with love and care to honor the legacy of a woman who brought love and care to every moment she faced. Mrs. Porter would expect no less.


Not only do you save with SixtyFour™, but you also earn. It’s a featured brand of Trunited, which means money back with every purchase and the chance to shop, share and earn more.


In honor of Mrs. Porter’s love for books and the libraries she built that brought her pride and joy, 1% of the profit from Brand 64 is kindly donated by the Trunited Family to children’s education and library-related causes around the world.

Mother of 8 Certified

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